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90% of people would have experienced varying degrees of nervousness & fear when it comes to public speaking. The remaining 10% are just liars.

Gary Guwe
Serial Entrepreneur & Art of Influence Coach
Founder, The Shy Speakers Guide to Success

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What People Are Saying:

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    Bill Walsh

    CEO PowerTeam International
    One of the World's Leading Business Visionaries

    If you're thinking about getting a great coach when it comes to public speaking, to really have the confidence and competence to go out there and create more success, have more fun, and get greater relationships, I'm telling you for a fact, that Gary G he's the guy. He's been doing this now for years... helping customers all over the world.

    I know for a fact that he owns his space and there's no doubt that he can help you too. His energy and his presence... It's unbelievable what he does for his customers!

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    Faith McKinney

    America’s #1 Personal Branding Expert
    Published Author of Schmingling: The Art of Being Well Connected Through Blatant Self Promotion

    I've learned a lot from Gary, he is so knowledgeable about the techniques in communication that even I didn't know about. He's taken my career to the next level. He's given me such great results, and I know that small business owners and entrepreneurs, you will be able to go to the next level with what he knows. Those techniques he's taught me, I know they are going to help you!

  • Arun Kumar

    Sales Manager, ServiceSource International (Singapore)

    My sales team IMMEDIATELY performed so much better upon completing Gary's training programme. They are now able to effectively navigate and execute their sales process, and engage with customers with enhanced clarity and focus on what makes them tick. All these only after a day's work. Amazing! Wonderful work, Gary!

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

5 Important Lessons You’ll Learn

  1. Why advice such as "just be confident" and "practice makes perfect" are  simply gross understatements, and the real ingredients needed to help you build long-lasting confidence and competence on stage.
  2. Why so many speakers so unwittingly give themselves additional pressure and stress themselves out on stage whilst desperately trying to express their ideas and impress others on stage... only to fall flat on their faces.
  3. What audience's really want, how to assess them, and the mindset and approach needed to connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level..
  4. Practical tips to help you organize your ideas and presentations to speak with purpose, confidence and coherence.... and gain insights into secret strategies professional speakers use on stage to help them succeed every time.
  5. How you can further develop yourself as a speaker, and where you can gain additional support in your public speaking development journey.

About The Author

Gary is an award-winning speaker and serial-entrepreneur who specializes in the Art of Delivering Laser Sharp Presentations and the Authoritative Art of Influence. He has worked with business leaders and sales professionals representing 7 out of the Top 8 Fortune 500 Companies, such as Microsoft, Google, HP, Siemens, and Redhat. Among others, he has also worked with sales professionals and financial consultants from Prudential, AIA & TokioMarine in the area of enhanced sales excellence.

A highly-insightful, focused and results-driven individual, Gary has worked with Small Business Owners, Executives of MNCs and Government agencies in the area of influential communications, high-impact presentations, team-building and business development. He has also been appointed as a lecturer to post-graduate students at the National University of Singapore, and undergrads at ESSEC Business School (Asia Pacific) – two of the top universities in the world.

Gary is also an authority in the Art of Impromptu Speaking, with a solid track recording in coaching students to winning multiple, (impromptu) speech championships since 2010. 

Since 2005, Gary has spoken to over 17,500 individuals in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa and the US. His insights have also been sought by the media, having appeared on Radio 938Live, The New Paper, The Straits Times, Today, New Age Parent, AsiaOne, Toastmasters, Presidential Update (South Africa)  and

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